OMNILUX plus™ in combination with OMNILUX revive™ stimulates the deeper skin tissue, leading to a softening of fine lines, improved skin tone and super smooth skin.

It can also be successfully used with Botox, chemical peels and other popular aesthetic treatments.

The different lights target specific cells which are responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skin's supportive structures. The composite effect leaves the skin fuller and tighter in appearance.

What will I see?
In an independent study over 80% of subjects reported a softening of fine lines after treatment and 75% reported improvement in skin softness and smoothness. 

Omnilux light therapy is proven to stimulate cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue repair stimulating fibroblast activity, leading to faster and more efficient collagen synthesis and ECM proteins. Omnilux revive also increases cell vitality by increasing the production of cellular ATP. Omnilux Plus stimulates the contractile phase of the remodelling process producing better lineated collagen. In combination these wavelengths work synergistically to produce better visible results and hence patient satisfaction.

The Healing Power of Light

The source of light in medicine has a long history, even as children if we weren't well our mothers would put us in the sunlight for self-healing therapy .

Although sunlight therapy had no scientific explanation at the time the healing power was clear and the ancient world introduced it for general medical use.

Today light therapy is know to transforms light into electrochemical energy which activates a chain of biochemical reactions within the cells stimulating the metabolism within the human body. 

This scientifically designed light source does not have harmful UVA or UVB.

You will experience a feeling of relaxation and well-being during and after the treatment. The treatment is not painful, there are no injections involved and there's no patient downtime. 

How does Omnilux light therapy work?
One of the key bacteria responsible for the inflammation is Propionibacterium acnes or P.acnes. These bacteria produce natural chemicals called poryphyrins, which are sensitive to light at different wavelengths. If stimulated, these chemicals will neutralise the bacteria and with no bacteria present inflammation will subside.  

Omnilux blueTM stimulates these chemicals and so eradicates the bacteria that cause the redness or inflammation of acne. This is combined with Omnilux reviveTM which has anti inflammatory properties, this helps to minimise the redness of acne lesions and promotes healthier skin.