I can’t stop your skin from ageing, but I can slow down the process and make you feel transformed.

Holistic, Corrective Facial Treatments and Skin Peels 

Conditions treated include:

·      Sun-damaged skin
·      Pigmentation issues
·      Premature ageing
·      Acne, Congestion problems
·      Dry, Dull and Dehydrated skin issues
·      Sensitive, Reactive complexions
·      Complexions lacking elasticity.

Contact Naomi on 0425 372 774 

Naomi Nahoum has worked in the Beauty and Wellness industry for three decades as a C.I.D.E.S.C.O internationally qualified aesthetician, specialising in her renowned holistic, rejuvenation facial treatments. She was once referred to as the ‘skin whisperer’ by Amy Star in Shop to you Drop magazine. (a Sydney Review Magazine)

Naomi’s Business Human Nurture has won numerous awards locally as well industry awards. Naomi has been featured in many Beauty Industry magazines such as Professional Beauty, Good Health, The Australian Beauty Therapist, and the Sydney Morning Herald. Naomi is an ambassador for the advanced formulated skincare brand GERnétic in Australia.  Naomi was also an ambassador for Lululemon athletic clothing company in 2016.

She also works as an educator in the Beauty Industry.  In the last few years, she has been coaching and consulting for the Beauty industry. Naomi is a diploma qualified yoga teacher and has qualifications in Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine).  She is always learning and has undertaken studies in skin nutrition, Traditional Chinese facial mapping, and has been a student of psychotherapy for 12 years. 

Her dedication to helping women achieve outstanding results for their skin health was acknowledged by her being selected in 2022 as one of the top 3 skin therapists in Australia by the Nimue skincare brand.

Naomi’s facial treatments are highly personalised to your complexion’s needs, the results you wish to achieve, your time, and your budget.  Treating your complexion holistically will not only transform you from the inside out it will radically give you the complexion you have been wanting easily and rapidly.

Learn more about how you can achieve a healthy and radiant complexion, by clicking the link to her website  www.humannurture.com.au

With Naomi’s dedication to yoga and meditation, with her vision to see more calm and grounded people in the world she has created an easy way for people to meditate with her Yoga Nidra audio product called the Calm and Contented Mind.  This easy to listen to practice enables people to deeply relax, reduce anxiety, and become very present so they too can be empowered to live a life on their terms.

Link - https://www.yoganidra.net.au/naomi-nahoum