IMAGINE - Anti ageing is no longer a dream

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Imagine discovering a range of skin care products that work at a cellular level, enabling your skin to regenerate and heal itself. Products that fuse decades of scientific knowledge of the ageing process of cells to bring you significant and lasting results.

Imagine understanding the difference between a mature and a young skin.

Gernétic do not imagine; we research and study. We understand the difference and we excel in creating products to correct skin conditions and maintain a healthy, youthful skin.

You no longer need to imagine. The science is called Applied Cellular Biology and the resulting products are loved by thousands of people across the world.

These products are Gernétic.

THE SCIENCE - Gernétic is where skincare meets science

The  Gernétic skincare products and treatments are the outcome of extensive cellular biology and advanced biotechnology. We make use of the purest, most powerful active ingredients that are delivered in such a way as to help the skin repair itself from within.

Cellular biology studies the physiological properties of cells, including their structure, nutritional needs, life cycle, division and death. Knowing the components of cells and how they work is fundamental to all biological sciences, and is at the core of Gernétic’s remarkable products.

Biotechnology is the cutting-edge technology used to obtain the powerful active and nutritional molecules in Gernétic products. Active ingredients are scientifically manipulated to meet the cells’ exact needs and give them the molecular size and weight that enable them to reach targeted cells.